The sister should remove her white lab coat there as it is brilliant to wipe the dirty cell ground. She is also forced to remove her dessous and to take it between her teeth as a further cleaning cloth.


We present our openness and ability to be self-critical in showing internal drawbacks with this new document. Our colonel always being correct has been observed when he exercised `secret machination` in the office of Reverend Mother by the employed medical assistant sister Rabiata. Reverend Mother does not know the whole truth yet but only the tumult in her personal rooms is reason enough to cater for silence and order and consequently for the arrest of rabiata. She has already shown guiltiness through her presence in the for lower personal forbidden rooms. The colonel arranges her placement in the cell wing. The sister should remove her white lab coat there as it is brilliant to wipe the dirty cell ground. She is also forced to remove her dessous and to take it between her teeth as a further cleaning cloth. Furnished that good no. 48 surely is able to fulfill her work assigned in an excellent way….

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